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Board of Directors Feb 22 , 2017
Engr. Lawrence Sy Lato B.S. Engineering - De La Salle University President and Chairman of the Board Mr. Qiang Lyu(呂強先生) Vice President - China Affairs 菲律宾 新英伦学院 中方副院長 ...
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Introduction Sep 21 , 2014
One of a handful of modern compact colleges in Metro-Manila, NEW ENGLAND COLLEGE (NEC) was conceived and planned by a group of ambitious and determined investors in education sometime late 2003, headed by an outstanding M.A. Education Management graduate from ...
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Site Map Sep 16 , 2014
#40 Quezon Avenue, Brgy. Doa Josefa, Quezon City ...
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Mission Sep 09 , 2014
Our Mission To produce highly competitive graduates in tertiary level programs, especially in nursing education, vocational health care, general education, business management, and information technologies. To establish and operate a research facility manned with skillful and competent staff, equipped with modern ...
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Objective Sep 09 , 2014
Our Objectives The objectives include the following: To offer, operate, and grant baccalaureate and graduate level academic degree programs including but not limited to the arts and sciences, education, business, and information & ...
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Motto Sep 09 , 2014
Our Motto "Quality Out Of Quantity" The NEC adopts a policy that synthesizes into a functional synchrony what at first blush might appear to be antithetical concepts, i.e., that of equity versus quality. Usually, educational institutions known ...
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