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The NEC adopts a policy that synthesizes into a functional synchrony what at first blush might appear to be antithetical concepts, i.e., that of equity versus quality. Usually, educational institutions known for their high quality are those which, among others, employ a highly selective student admission policy coupled with a highly selective student retention policy.

On the other hand, the NEC operates on the philosophy that, without necessarily impairing the quality of the final products (the graduates), society’s concern for equity can likewise be served by widening the window of opportunity to the relevant school-age populations. For this purpose, the written entrance examination is dispensed with, in favor of just the result of personal interview and the previous scholastic records of the applicant. This is complemented by a liberal scheme in the payment of tuition fees, wherein a greater number of installment payments is allowed during the semester, not to mention the availability of scholarships and discounts to applicants with outstanding academic and other credentials.

But the concerns for equity can go only to that extent. Once admitted, the student must demonstrate that he deserves to be retained as a student in good standing, that he deserves to be promoted to the next higher level, and more importantly that he subsequently will deserve the NEC diploma or certificate.


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