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ea Nov 09 , 2017
ea ...
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asdsad Oct 22 , 2016
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Classrooms Sep 17 , 2014
Classrooms at New England College are all air-conditioned, very clean, and highly conducive to learning. ...
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Computer Laboratory Sep 07 , 2014
The Computer lab has top notch computers. There are 30 computers inside and all are well maintained by skilled and qualified professional I.T experts. ...
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Library Sep 07 , 2014
The school’s library’s main purpose is to sustain and improve the educational and research endeavours of the students and faculty. The library offers various research books on Nursing and Health, Business, Information Technology and Academic journals. It also offers internet ...
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Third Floor Corridor Oct 05 , 2010
The 3/F corridor houses the school’s state of the art Skills Laboratory, Library, Physics and Chemistry Laboratories. ...
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Second Floor Corridor Oct 04 , 2010
Most of New England College’s classrooms are located in the 2/F corridor, as well as the school’s modern Audio Visual Room(AVR) and Faculty Room. ...
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Biology Laboratory Oct 04 , 2010
The state of the art biology lab aids the students in the study of living organisms utilizing the scientific method thru the use of modern medical equipment ...
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Chemistry Laboratory Oct 04 , 2010
The modern chemistry lab offers highly effective learning facilities by helping the students understand the properties of substance and interactions between different types of matter that will help them in their nursing careers. The chemistry lab ...
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Physics Laboratory Oct 04 , 2010
Our modern physics lab offers a research and development set-up that helps the Nursing student formulate philosophical questions underlying modern physics thru the study of matter and energy and how they interact. The physics lab houses various equipment that are ...
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