English Education Course Description

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English

Hum. 2 Fundamentals of Music
Fundamentals of music for high school teachers provide practical experience in ensemble performance, and familiarity with choral materials for students at the secondary levels.

Soc. Sci 1          Politics and Governance with Philippine Constitution
It is a course that acquaints students to fundamental concepts, principle, and ways of thinking in political science by focusing on the Government of the Republic of the Philippines.  Emphasis is on a careful study of the structures, powers, and functions of the Philippine government as mandated by the constitution. 

Soc. Sci 2          Society and Culture (Phil. Planning)
It deals with the study of manís political, social and economic life and his environment / culture with emphasis on the formation of manís heritage and culture.  It also includes the study of society and the underlying principles, governing political, social and economic phenomena resulting there from. 

Psych 1             General Psychology
It provides the study of the fundamental concepts and principles of human behavior, perception, learning, intelligence, emotion, motivation, personality, and adjustment.  Social and abnormal behavior are also discussed. 

Eco. 1               Basic Economics (With Taxation and Land Reforms)
The course includes the basic concepts of macroeconomics; especially in the context of Philippine economic development including basic concepts of supply and demand, price, theory of money, and export Ė import accounts.  GNP and other measures, trade, fiscal and monetary policies, and banking system. Separate discussion is devoted to the study of the comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program of RA 6657, Cooperatives and Taxation. 

Socio                Introduction to Sociology
It is a study of the basic principles and concepts of sociology; a scientific study of society, primary  social process, and  control. 

Philo 1              Philosophy of Man
An inquiry into man as a person and his existence in the world with emphasis on his culture and society is the basic aspect of this course. 

Philo 2              Logic
This course deals with the fundamental concepts, patterns, methods, and principles of correct reasoning or inferential thinking. It also includes exposition of the natural properties and importance of apprehension, judgment and reasoning their products and their interrelation. 

Phil. Hist.         Philippines History and Government
It is an introductory course on the history of the Filipino people.  It is designed to give the student basic knowledge about his country and culture.  The course combines the chronological and topical approach.  Thus, the major historic periods are treated in sequential order.  However, within each major historic period, the discussion will proceed according to topics. 

Rizal               Life and Works of Rizal
A course on Rizal is designed to familiarize the student about Rizalís role in the development of the Philippines in political, social, economic, and educational aspects.  It includes the heroís youth and parentage, his schooling here and abroad, his travels and their implications to Philippine progress.  Important episodes in his life are emphasized for their educational and nationalistic values, respectively.  An intensive reading and interpretation of the original edition of the NOLI ME TANGERE and EL FILIBUSTERISMO are undertaken together with Rizalís annotation of Morgaís Sucesos de las Isla Filipinas, The Philippines - A Century Hence, The Indolence of the Filipinos and My Last Farewell. 

Comp. 1          Basic Computer Application
The study of the world of computers, their hard-wares and soft-wares, basic and advanced functions, and the importance they deliver to modern living and health practices. This introductory course acquaints the student with the automation that occurs at the point of care for successful health care delivery. 

P.E 1               Physical Fitness and Gymnastic
This course enables the student to discover his weaknesses through diagnostic physical fitness testing after which appropriate conditioning exercises are given. A follow-up study of gymnastics is also introduced, such as the basic fundamental positions, free hand exercises, routines with use of light and heavy apparatus and simple skills in tumbling and stunt performances for self-testing activity.

P.E. 2              Rhythmic Activity/Aquatic
This course introduces the students to the rudiments of swimming.  It includes proper breathing procedures, coupled with the different strokes i.e., breast stroke, butterfly and the free stroke.  This physical activity prepares the student for self- satisfaction and special skill in cases of emergency.

P.E. 3              Individual / Dual Sports
This course is designed to study individual and dual sports.  It includes intensive training in the fundamentals and basic skills needed for individual and dual sports.  It also deals with the study of the rules, procedures, and on how to officiate the sports.

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