English Education Course Description

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English

P.E. 4              Team Sports / Games
This is the study on how to play selected team sports such as basketball and volleyball.  The course starts with a history of each game followed by intensive training of the fundamental skills.  Coaching and officiating are also included for familiarization with the game. 

NSTP 1           National Service Training Program
The National Service Training Program (NSTP), a law signed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo under Republic Act No. 9163, refers to the program aimed at enhancing civic consciousness and defense preparedness in the youth. The course is designed to develop the basic knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for the student to build self-confidence. Furthermore, the course also focuses on the values of “Maka-Tao”, “Maka-Diyos” at “Maka-Kalikasan”. The students shall be trained to teach literacy and numeracy skills to school children, out-of-school youths and other segments of society in need of their services. 

NSTP 2           National Service Training Program 2
A continuation of the NSTP 1 program that further focuses on building the student’s planning and presentation skills. Preparation of simple statistical data, simple lesson plan and simple multi-media approaches and techniques in presentation is included in this course. 


English 4        Introduction to Applied Linguistics
The course seeks to provide students with an overview of the study of linguistics, its origin and development, its division and parts, and its significance to language teaching and learning.

English 5        Phil. Contemporary Literature
The course covers literature written by Filipinos in English from the 1900’s to the present. 

English 6        Public Speaking and Debate
The course aims to teach the arts and techniques of public speaking and debate through effective delivery using logical reasoning, clear statement of ideas and persuasive speech. 

English 7        AFRO – Asian Literature
The curse is a study of the represent words of major writers of China, Japan, Persia, Arabia, Israel, India, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Philippines. 

English 8        Meaning – Based Grammar & Discourse Analysis
The course focuses on the semantic / meaning – based grammar and discourse properties of language with a view of increasing the students’ competence in using language communicatively and their knowledge in applying these theories of teaching. 

English 9        Literary Criticism
The course is designed to give students direction by which to shape their perceptions about a work of literature through discussion of the major approaches of literary criticism. 

English 10      English & American Literature
The course covers the important periods in development and growth of English and American Literature.  It studies the literary and artistic movements, principal writers and their representative works.  It is designed to help student cultivate a taste for reading and develop interest in augmenting their understanding of English and American cultures. 

English 11      Teaching Language & Literature with Research
The course is designed to prepare students to teach the skills in language and literature.  The first part deals with a review of discussing the different grammatical units and their correct usage.  It also focuses on the various strategies and latest trends in language teaching. 

The second part, the teaching of literature, begins with a review of literary genres and their elements, then moves on to the discussion of techniques in teaching each type.  The course culminates in the demonstration of teaching different language areas and literature and in doing research. 

English 12      Mythology and Folklore
The course includes the study of Classic Literature, particularly Greek, Roman and Norse mythology. 

English 13      Masterpiece in World Literature
The course focuses in the greatness of the world literary masters whose ideas and styles have continued to exert a profound influence well into the writers of this century.  It studies the best samples of the peculiar literary genius with a view to offering a valuable key in understanding the people of the world, their widely divergent cultures, dimensions and attitudes in addition to introducing the students to the tradition on human excellence. 

English 14      Drama and Dramatics
The course aims to provide students with an understanding of the origin and definition, methods and characteristics as well as techniques and values of drama both as literary and performing art through an analysis of the dramatic texts and art experience of theatrical performance.

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