ENGL 1           Communication Skills
3 Credits / 3 lecture hours per week.                                Total hrs. = 54 / semester.

It is a course that integrates speaking, listening, reading and writing lessons to equip student with basic communicative competence.  It covers a variety of topics and a mode, which form the springboards that help student builds up a wide range of communication skills. 

ENGL 2           College Reading and Writing
3 Credits / 3 lecture hours per week.                                  Total hrs. = 54 / semester

It is the continuation of the communication skills
(ENGL 1) development program designed to reinforce the student’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  It covers a variety of topics from arts to sciences aimed particularly at developing communicative skills and effective language learning strategies necessary for academic studies. 

ENGL 3           Speech Communication
3 Credits / 3 lecture hours per week                                    Total hrs. = 54 /semester

It is a course designed to strengthen communicative competence in listening and speaking in varied speech situations.  It provides opportunities for the development of insights; attitudes and values needed in successful interpersonal, small groups and public communication through actual involvement in varied activities. 

ENGL 4           World Literature
3 Credits / 3 lecture hours per week                                       Total hrs. = 54 /semester

The course explores and analyzes the literatures of Asia, Africa, America, and Europe in the cultural, psychological, historical, political and cultural context of the different genres to be studied.  Critical issues such as origin and family, gender and identity, war and violence, racial differences, ecological concerns, individual and community are the core points of discussion. 

ENGL 5           Technical Writing
3 Credits/ 3 lecture hours per week                                         Total hrs. = 54/semester

This course deals with the application of the fundamental principles of technical writing, a form of communication that focuses on scientific subjects and other topics associated with business, science and technology.

ENGL 6           Expository English
3 Credits/ 3 lecture hours per week                                            Total hrs. = 54 / semester 

This course is an application of the techniques of advanced writing skills in both formal and informal expository using as springboard outstanding essays as models. 

MATH 1    College Algebra
3 Credits / 3 lecture hours per week                                             Total hrs. = 54 /semester

It deals with linear equations, algebraic and graphical solutions of the quadratic equation, exponents and radicals, complex numbers, binomial expansion, determinants, progressions and theory of equations. It provides the opportunity to develop the student’s analytical skills and logical reasoning. 

MATH 2    Basic Statistics
3 Credits / 3 lecture hours per week                                             Total hrs. = 54 /semester

It deals with presentation of data, frequency and distribution, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, index numbers, probability distributions, statistical inference, correlation and regression, as applied to research and decision making. 

PSYCH 1    General Psychology
3 Credits / 3 lecture hours per week                                             Total hrs. = 54 /semester

Introduction to the scientific study of behavior, principles of motivation, emotions, perception, learning, memory, thinking, personality, and biological basis of behavior. It is designed to provide an understanding of human behavior.  The unifying concept of the course is the adaptation of the individual to his physical and social environment. 

PSYCH 2   Developmental Psychology
3 Credits / 3 lecture hours per week                                             Total hrs. = 54 hrs./semester

Provides the student nurse with an understanding of human development from “womb to tomb.” It notes the major milestones at each developmental stage, from Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, Aging and their relationship to health problems during development.

CHEM 1    General Chemistry
5 Credits / 3 lecture (3 units) and 4 laboratory (2 units) hours per week       Total hrs. = Lecture (54) , laboratory (72)  / semester

A comprehensive course covering the fundamental concepts and principles of chemistry, blending fact with theory in application, particularly to the various fields of students’ interest, and generally to the physical world.  Emphasis is given to the correlation of the present concepts of atomic composition and structure with the physical and chemical properties of elements and compound.  Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry forms the concluding topics of the course. Laboratory work is an integral part of the course.  This involves the performance of exercises and experiments, which acquaints the student with some of the fundamental chemical laboratory operations as the basic concepts, and principles are illustrated.