CHEM 2     Biochemistry
5 Credits / 3 lecture  (3 units)  and 4 laboratory (2 units) hours  per week
Total hrs. = lecture (54), laboratory (72) per semester                                                                                           

The course starts with the review of the basic concepts and principles of organic chemistry as related to living organisms.  It deals with the study of chemistry of living cells. This embraces the study of chemistry of carbohydrates, lipids and protein, nucleic acid and enzymes and their metabolism when taken as food by man. 

PHYSICS 1    General Physics
3 credits / 2 lecture (2 units) and 2 laboratory (1 unit) hours per week 
Total hrs.= lecture (54), laboratory (36) per semester

A one-semester course of introductory Physics covers the major division namely: Mechanics, Heat Waves, Sound and Light, Electricity and Magnetism, and Modern Physics.  Emphasis is on the fundamental concepts and basic principles, as applied to commonly observed physical phenomena in everyday life. 

HUM               HUMANITIES

3 Credits/ 3 lecture hours per week                                              Total hrs. = 54 / semester

This course focuses on art appreciation, its history, understanding and appreciation of the elements of Arts. 

PE 1                Self-testing Activities/Gymnastics
2 Credits / 2 lecture hours per Week                                            Total hrs. = 36 /semester

A course that enables the student to discover his weaknesses through diagnostic physical fitness testing after which appropriate conditioning exercises are given. A follow-up study of gymnastics is also introduced, such as the basic fundamental positions, free hand exercises, routines with use of light and heavy apparatus and simple skills in tumbling and stunt performances for self-testing activity. 

PE 2                Aquatic
2 Credits / 2 lecture hours per Week                                            Total hrs. = 36 /semester

This course introduces the students to the rudiments of swimming.  It includes proper breathing procedures, coupled with the different strokes i.e., breast stroke, butterfly and the free stroke.  This physical activity prepares the student for self- satisfaction and special skill in cases of emergency. 

PE 3                Individual/Dual Sports/Games
2 Credits / 2 lecture hours per Week                                            Total hrs. = 36 / semester

This course is designed to study individual and dual sports.  It includes intensive training in the fundamentals and basic skills needed for individual and dual sports.  It also deals with the study of the rules, procedures, and on how to officiate the sports. 

PE 4                Team Sports/Games
2 Credits / 2 lecture hours per Week                                             Total hrs. = 36 / semester

This is the study on how to play selected team sports such as basketball and volleyball.  The course starts with a history of each game followed by intensive training of the fundamental skills.  Coaching and officiating are also included for familiarization with the game. 

SOC SCI         Sociology and Anthropology
3Credits / 3 lecture hours per Week                                             Total  hrs = 54 /semester

An introduction to the foundations of the scientific study of human social life, to theories and methods of Sociology and Anthropology , stressing manís interrelationship with other men and also his environment, and to such basic concepts as culture, society, social organization, social stratification and social change. 

PHILO 1          Philosophy of Man
3Credits / 3 lecture hours per Week                                             Total hrs. = 54 / semester 

An inquiry into man as a person and his existence in the world with emphasis on his culture and society. 

PHILO 2          Logic
3Credits / 3 lecture hours per Week                                              Total hrs. = 54 / semester

A study of the general conditions of correct, clear, and effective thinking. 

Hist. 1:            Philippine History and Culture
3Credits / 3 lecture hours per Week                                             Total hrs. = 54 / semester

An introductory course on the history of the Filipino people.  It is designed to give the student basic knowledge about his country and culture.  The course combines the chronological and topical approach.  Thus, the major historic periods are treated in sequential order.  However, within each major historic period, the discussion will proceed according to topics. 

POL SCI        Philippine Government and Constitution
3Credits / 3 lecture hours per Week                                             Total hrs.= 54 / semester

It is a study of the structure, organization, and function of the government of the Philippines.  This course also deals with the new (1987) constitution, noting its basic principle and institutions it has created.  The student will learn through this course, the important services rendered by the government in the promotion of social justice and human rights and of the general welfare of the people.

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