NCM 101    Promotive and Preventive / Professional Nursing 2
16 Credits / 8 lecture (8units) and 24 RLE (8 units) hours per Week
Total hrs. = lecture (144), laboratory (408) per semester

This is a thorough course on the application of the nursing process applied to the professional nursing care of man across the life span, from birth (womb) to the age of mature adulthood or the elderly (tomb).  The fundamental nursing concepts related to the laboratory skills applied to caring of well patients specially the well maternity, child and adult patients are emphasized both in the lecture and practicum areas.  The student is required to have a CPR certification during this course.  The student is taught the identification and management of risk factors throughout the life span. 

NCM 102        Curative and Rehabilitative Nursing Care Management 1 / Professional Nursing 3
16 Credits / 8 lecture ( 8 units) and 24 RLE (8 units) hours per Week
Total hrs. = lecture (144), laboratory (408) per semester

This course builds upon Professional Nursing 1 and includes basic health assessment as well as health deviations in the adult population.  Nursing care applying the nursing process on selected health problems will be demonstrated with emphasis on primary and secondary levels of care specially the chronically ill adult patients. 

NCM 103     Related Learning Experience (R.L.E.) / Professional Nursing 4
4 Credits / 204 RLE hours (4 units)
Total hrs. = laboratory (204) per semester

This course focuses on the enhancement of the student skills in previous nursing course, mostly in the clinical area with the application of the nursing process.  This is a well supervised clinical practicum devised to prepare the student for the next  higher  nursing course. 

NCM 104     Curative and Rehabilitative Nursing Care Management 2 / Professional Nursing 5
16 Credits / 8 lecture (8 units) and 24 RLE (8 units) hours per Week
Total hrs. = lecture (144), laboratory (408) per semester

This course builds upon Nursing 100 through Nursing 103 utilizing the self-care framework to introduce the student to the nurseís role in the care of complex deviations of  patients specifically those with psychiatric / mental illnesses, orthopedic and related conditions, communicable illnesses, cellular and related cancerous conditions and acute biologic crises throughout the life span.  Acute care units, clinics , specialty areas as well as other varied community settings are utilized for the student to experience true to life practicum. 

NCM 105       Nursing Management and Leadership / Professional Nursing 6
16 Credits / 8 lecture (8 units) and 24 RLE (8 units) hours per Week
Total hrs. = lecture (144), laboratory (408) per semester

This course is focused on the development of nursing leadership and management skills in any setting, essential to the professional nurse.  Building on all of the studentís previous knowledge, the student utilizes critical thinking skills to gain experience in organizing and prioritizing care to assist in delegation of care and in overcoming deficits to self-care.  This is a supervised but an increasingly independent clinical practice.  This course will assist the student in transitioning  the role as a beginning practitioner / partner / leader / researcher / educator within the health team.

This also focuses on mentorship, media relations, development of health care policy and the nursing responsibility to advocate for a healthy environment, taking into consideration the ethico-legal, moral and other aspects of nursing practice. 

NCA 1             Course Audit 1
5 Credits / 5 lecture hours per week                                              Total hrs. = 90 / semester 

This is a nursing course offering that will enhance the understanding of the student of all the previous nursing and health related subjects taken.  The student is guided  to  re- enforce his skills  in any setting based on the eleven (11) nursing core competencies. 

NCA 2             Course Audit 2
 3 Credits / 3 lecture hours per week                                            Total hrs. = 54 / semester 

This builds upon Course audit 1 with the end goal of helping the student crystallizes the major nursing concepts from Levels 1 to 4 in relation to the Related Learning Experience (RLE) of the student and in preparation for the local and foreign nursing licensure and other related professional nursing examinations prior to professional nursing practice here and abroad.