Medical Transcription Course (4 to 10 months)

The self-paced training program is designed specifically for training students with allied health backgrounds who already have a strong foundation in medical terminology. It educates the student and prepares him/her for employment as an entry-level medical transcriptionist by providing the basic information, proficiency and understanding required to transcribe healthcare dictation in common medical specialties and prepare patient care documents with accuracy, clarity, consistency, and timeliness, applying the principles of professional and ethical conduct. Introductions to editing and proofreading, and exposure to ESL dictators prepare the student for the national assessment exam for entry-level medical transcriptionist as well as higher certification levels.

Students with very strong medical foundations, such as physicians, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, and veterinarians, as well as other allied health professionals who may qualify, may be assessed for recognition of prior learning.

Students with non-medical backgrounds may be generally required to undergo 320 additional hours of review (inclusive of 160 additional hours of On-The-Job Training).

High school graduates may be required to undergo a total of 1380 hours (or the equivalent of 3 semesters, plus 480 hours of On-The-Job Training).