"Two Great Partners Team Up To Provide Quality International Healthcare Education"

Liberty University and New England College cooperated in BSN program

In order to promote further cooperation between the Republic of Philippines and the United States of America, as well as to continuously foster international linkages with world class educational institutions, New England College (NEC) joins in a degree-completion agreement with Liberty University (LU) of Lynchburg, Virginia, USA.

Liberty University is certified to operate in the State of Virginia by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and is regionally accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees.  Liberty has program accreditation for Nursing from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and has approval from the Virginia Board of Nursing (VBN).

Qualified B.S.N. students of New England College who have finished their 1st and 2nd year can continue the next 2-1/2 years of B.S.N. at the Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Once all course works, hospital trainings and required academic units are completed, they will be conferred a BSN degree by Liberty University.   All graduates will have the privilege to take NCLEX-RN in the US.  It is the first such US-RP joint BSN program which allows aspiring Filipino graduates to pursue their nursing profession abroad.   This would be an absolute advantage and long-awaited for BSN students in the Philippines.

Liberty University agrees to award up to 100 credit-hours of academic credit for coursework undertaken at New England College.   Students from New England College will need to fulfill the usual entry criteria to the B.S.N. program at Liberty which includes a cumulative GPA of 3.00 (B) with no grade lower than 2.00 (C) and an English Language proficiency of TOEFL 61 (173 CBT or 500).  Students will need to submit their college transcript from New England College and will need to have taken core subjects in Biology, Chemistry and Nursing to be eligible for transfer.  A written statement of purpose (250 words), academic and character reference from New England College, need to be part of the degree completion application.  The B.S.N. program is fully described in the Liberty University website:

All student applications from New England College will be submitted to Liberty University through the offices of Inter-Ed (USA & Philippines) who will be responsible for ensuring complete and correct documentation of all applicants.  Liberty University will grant the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) to all candidates after successful completion of the program requirements.


新英倫學院 (New England College)




 2005年於菲律賓首都馬尼拉創校的 新英倫學院 - New England College (簡稱NEC) 本年度開始與美國Virginia Lynchburg市的Liberty University(自由大學 簡稱LU) 等多所名校合作開辦2+2護士本科四年專業學士學位(Bachelor of Nursing)跨國課程.  首兩年在NEC(馬尼拉)修讀, 合資格者於第三年前往美國繼續進修兩年主科(包括RLE實習部份); 畢業後馬上拿到美國大學學士學位, 並立即被派往美國各大醫院繼續臨床實習工作一年, 其間領取基本見習護士工資, 學校並幫忙準備考取美國國家護士專業証照(NCLEX-RN).  學生及格後便可被當地醫院聘顧為執業護士, 申請為移民簽証(Permanent/Immigrant Resident Visa), 並通過美國駐中領事館簽發.

 本校(NEC)在美國加州舊金山的合作伙伴MPI醫務仲介公司(Medical Professional International) 可為學生安排工作與代處理簽証事宜.

 縱觀目前所有赴美工作或定居的門道, 以上為最快捷的合法途徑, 並且前途一片光明. 美國政府對日趨嚴重的護士短缺問題正頭痛不己; 到公元2020年左右全美將欠缺超過一百萬名護士; 所以近年來不斷對海外增加護士移民名額.  今年年初又特別對印度, 中國和菲律賓三地各開放數千名額.  無論如何, 護士專業己成為美國以及其他發達國家今後數十年最受歡迎的移民類別.

 本校有配套學生宿舍和提供膳食; 每間房設有獨立衛浴室, 可裝空調, 並有專人負責打掃和洗衣.  新英倫學院(NEC)的校董會成員幾乎清一色為華人與華僑教育工作者, 本身均有碩士以上學歷及經常穿梭菲美兩地, 對美國文化、工作環境、以及移民政策都比較熟悉.

 如有其他疑問, 可以中文或英文致函

Philipine Star and Manila Bulletin

In a much earlier time, in a clime not quite the same, the New England geo-political geography brought forth the leading educational institutions, not only of the United States of America but also of the world. Thus, Harvard University , Yale University , the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Dartmouth College , to name a few, sprung into prominence. Of course, it would be scaling the heights of pretension to liken NEC to one such an Ivy League institution, but certainly that is the vision, the possible dream, and the inspiration of its founding incorporators.


The objectives include the following: (1) To offer, operate, and grant baccalaureate and graduate level academic degree programs including but not limited to the arts and sciences, education, business, healthcare, and information & communication technologies; (2) To offer, operate and grant non-degree/vocational-technical programs such as those of the caregiver and the nursing assistant, and other programs as may be deemed in great demand by the local and global markets; (3) To offer, operate, and deliver review classes for licensure or board examinations and/or such other examinations required for employment and other purposes by the Philippine government and/or other organizations or entities here and abroad; (4) To offer, operate, and deliver professional consultancy services related to the conceptualization, design and conduct of research; statistical analyses of data; and the reporting of research results; and (5) To conduct research, training, and extension services related to the aforementioned objectives; and to produce and publish materials related thereto.


The NEC adopts a policy that synthesizes into a functional synchrony what at first blush might appear to be antithetical concepts, i.e., that of equity versus quality. Usually, educational institutions known for their high quality are those which, among others, employ a highly selective student admission policy coupled with a highly selective student retention policy.

On the other hand, the NEC operates on the philosophy that, without necessarily impairing the quality of the final products (the graduates), society’s concern for equity can likewise be served by widening the window of opportunity to the relevant school-age populations. For this purpose, the written entrance examination is dispensed with, in favor of just the result of personal interview and the previous scholastic records of the applicant. This is complemented by a liberal scheme in the payment of tuition fees, wherein a greater number of installment payments is allowed during the semester, not to mention the availability of scholarships and discounts to applicants with outstanding academic and other credentials.

But the concerns for equity can go only to that extent. Once admitted, the student must demonstrate that he deserves to be retained as a student in good standing, that he deserves to be promoted to the next higher level, and more importantly that he subsequently will deserve the NEC diploma or certificate.


The initial program offerings are the baccalaureate degrees in nursing, education, information technology. Likewise offered are the sub-professional or certificate courses for nursing assistants and caregivers.

The Founding Incorporators (Board of Directors). The founding incorporators (Board of Directors) were as follows:
Mrs. Norma Ong-Ching, President and Chairman of the Board
Dr. Eduardo R. Alicias, Jr., Vice President - Academic Affairs
Mr. Henry Wong, Vice President - International Affairs & Vice Chairman of
the Board
Mr. David Wong, Vice President - Finance
Mr. Eric Kenneth O. Ching, Vice President -Operations
Mr. Erwin Darrell O. Ching and Mrs. Linette Lu-Te

New England College is located at No. 40 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. With telephone numbers: 711-0857, 711-3406,
711-9379, 742-4050 and 711-3406

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