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Adding/Dropping of Subjects  

Total Dropping and Partial Adding/Dropping of Subjects


  • Submits filled-out Request for Dropping All Subjects or Adding/Dropping of Subjects together with other needed documents.


  • Verifies if the forms are properly filled out.
  • If subject/s is added, computes for amount to be paid and instructs student to pay at the Cashier Department.


  • Submits adding/dropping form to RMO.


  • If dropping, checks the prescribed period, countersigns the form if no refund is made and instructs students to submit the form to RMO. If dropping is not within the prescribed period, student will pay the balance for total dropping or installment basis.
  • Computes amount of refund for dropping all subjects.
  • Prepares petty cash form for refund below Php 2,000.

Student Account

  • Checks and countersigns the forms and forwards to Head of Accounting Department or Division Chief for recommendation for approval of payment and returns documents to accountant-in-charge.


  • Instructs the students to claim the refund from the Cashier Department.
  • Forwards document to accountant-in-charge for appropriation.

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